Human domino stone in ,Domino Race‘, an outdoor piece from Kollektiv F, starting at Bundesplatz Bern and finishing in the Dampfzentrale Bern.


Dancer in Catherine Habasque‘s ,In her Head‘, ,a few deadly sins‘ and some other events.

Dancer in ,Die Mauer‘ (the wall), a choreography from Oliver Dähler for Kunstnacht Zug & Young Dance Festival Zug. A physical encounter and artistic exploration of the eponymous spatial installation by Rena Glienke.


,Practice Paradise - Jedem sein Jenseits‘ a project from Oliver Daehler on a graveyard on the occasion of Kulturtage Thalwil 2017

Dancer in Catherine Habasque‘s ,a few deadly sins‘


Performer in the exhibition ,Coucou Bazar‘ from Dubuffet in Fondation Beyeler in Riehen.

Dancer in the reanactment of Kiriakos Hadjiioannou‘s ,Or who belongs the world‘ in Kuhle Wampe, Berlin.


Portraying Virginia Woolf in ,Chur Tanzt‘, a project in which professionals and amateurs meet in rehearsal and on stage

Artistic collaboration with Kiriakos Hadjiioannou for his new creation ,L‘oiseau de feu - danse infernale. Touring ,or who owns the world‘ to Athens.

Touring with ,en vie en ville‘ with Da Motus! in Norway; with ,con tatto...‘ in Switzerland

Performing ,Spiegel legeipS‘ in several cities in Sweden and Switzerland


,Divided we Stand‘ with Bodies Anonymous, Katowice, Poland

,Transit Birsfelden‘, Cathy Sharp Dance Emsemble, Basel (CH), a journey through Birsfelden, choreographed by Jochen Heckmann and Cathy Sharp.

Dancer in ,Le Sacre du Printemps, Suite Baloise‘ with Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, a project in cooperation with Roxy, with and from the basler dance scene. Also collaborator as outside eye and dancer in ,or who owns the world‘, Kaserne Basel.

Collaboration with Alessandro Schiattarella and Oliver Daehler; Touring with Brigitta Schrepfer‘s Eleion in Switzerland and Russia; ...con tatto with Da Motus in Switzerland and Egypt; aerial shows with öff öff


Come back with the Cathy Sharp Dance Emsemble in Basel (CH): dancer and aerialist in the creation ,carnival of souls‘. Based on the ,Basler Totentanz‘. Also participation in several location projects such as ,omnia mutantur, nihil interit‘ and ,Wann ist man ein Mann?‘.

Dancer for Tanztheater Karine Jost in ,13 - ein Höllenritt in dreizehn Bildern‘, a collaboration between 3 artists from Fribourg (CH): Karine Jost (dance), GUSTAV (music) and Franz Brülhart (visual art), with 5 awesome musicians and 5 contemporary dancers.

Dancer for the reprise of ,Eléion‘, a dance evening from Brigitta Schrepfer (Somafon), danced to live organ music played by Elke Völker. Danced in churches throughout Switzerland.

Aerial shows with öff öff aerial dance on several events in Switzerland

Touring with ,...con tatto‘ Da Motus! in Germany, England and Belgium


Dancer and choreographer for the solo-dance-performance ,The organ dances‘ in collaboration with the Swiss organist Suzanne Z‘Graggen, performed in churches troughout Switzerland.

Dancer for Königsfelder Festspiel, a dance project with live orchestra and singers, performed in the monastary of Königsfelden in Brugg, CH

Choreography: Félix Duméril

Touring with Da Motus!, ,...con tatto', throughout Europe; dancer in site-specific events

Performer in öff öff‘s new creation ,Le vent nous portera‘, a piece for 5 dancers and 1 trumpet; premiering in the festival Heimspiel in Bern (CH); aerial artist in site-specific events


Performer with öff öff prodctions in ,Tubeland‘, ,Dance autour de‘ and for several Swiss events using several aerial disciplines

Touring with Da Motus!, ,...con tatto', throughout Europe and in Colombia; ,en vie ... en ville‘ in Brasil and China

Dancer with Said Mahrouf, Marrakesh, Morrocco for the event ,Vogue Zaman‘


Artist in several gigs with öff öff productions, using tubes and discovering a new aerial discipline: tissu

Touring with Da Motus!:

,en vie... en ville‘, an outdoor performance, performed in Switzerland and abroad (Mexico)

,...con tatto', in Switzerland and abroad (Germany, France, Poland, London, China)

Dancer with Said Mahrouf for ABSOLUTment ARTISTE, Briser la glace, Casablanca, Morrocco

Dancer and actress in ‚Rouge Désir‘, a Swiss piece with Latin-American influence. Choreographed by Fernando Carillo, Cie Zevada, Sierre (CH)


Performer in ‚Tubleland' with öff öff productions, an aerial dance company in Bern (CH), directed by Heidi Aemisegger

Participation a.o. at Zürich Theaterspektakel 2009

Dancer in two site specific dance creations, and one stage piece with Da Motus!, Fribourg (CH), directed by Antonio Bühler and Brigitte Meuwly

‚Fait Maison', a creation made for and in theatre la Nuithonie in Villard-sur-Glâne (CH)

‚...con tatto', an outdoor performance, performed in Switzerland and Germany

‚Attention‘, a stage piece with dance and video


Dancer in ‚GoldbergVariationen!’, a dance/music project with Oliver Daehler, Zürich (CH)

Premiered in the Lucerne Festival 2009, with live music by the Goldberg Trio Lucern

Dancer at Siwic 2008 (Swiss international Coaching Project for Choreographers), Zürich (CH)

Artistic direction by Jochen Heckmann.

Choreographers: Joshua Monten, Sagi Gross, Michael Maurissens, Marion Ruchti, Eva-Maria Küpfer and Emi Miyoshu


Dancer from the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, Basel (CH)

Choreographies by Cathy Sharp and by guest choreographers a.o. Marguerite Donlon,               Duncan Rownes, Félix Duméril, Teresa Rotemberg and Nicole Caccivio

Touring in Switzerland, Ireland, Holland, France and England

Participation at the Holland Dance Festival 2007 and Steps Festival 2008


Guest dancer in ‚Women of Tokyo and Paris’, an exhibition performance from the celebrated Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (NL)

Choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Dancer in the ‚Del viaggiare’, a site specific dance project in Bassano del Grappa (I) Choreographed by Rachel Krische, in collaboration with the dancers

Performed at the Opera Estate in Bassano


Dancer/actor with Stichting Caspar Rapak, Amsterdam (NL)

‚Buren Gluren’, a theatre piece for children and youth, touring in Holland and Belgium


Dancer for Stichting Meekers Uitgesproken Dans from Arthur Rosenfeld in Rotterdam (NL)

‚Banana Bizz’, a dance performance for children and youth, touring in Holland and Belgium


Dancer for Stichting ComposiTe in Amsterdam (NL), in two site specific creations

‚View Point’ for Cultuurnacht Den Haag 2003, Museumn8 Amsterdam 2003’,

‚Op Treden’ in Pakhuis Amsterdam


Dancer for Rogie & Company, Rotterdam (NL)

Creations by Piet Rogie: ‚Mayday’, ‚Space of the shadows’ and ‚Tragic torso’

Guest choreography by Megumi Nakamura: ‚Once’

Touring in Holland, France and Germany


Dancer for Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel in Amsterdam (NL)

Choreographies by Krisztina de Châtel and by guest choreographers a.o. Dylan Newcomb

Touring in Holland, Italy and Japan


Dancer in school performances with the Rotterdamse Dansacademie, choreographies from a.o. Joseph Tmimm, Itzik Galili, Nils Christe, Amir Kolben, Ton Simons, Rinus Sprong, Ray Tadio, Nannine Linning