Profitraining Basel


The profitraining takes place in:

‚Semiramis Studio‘, Spalentor 20, Basel from Monday until Wednesday and Sunday map

,Chronos Movement‘, Elisabethenstrasse 22, Basel on Thursday and Saturday map

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The Profitraining Basel was founded in 2007 by Wilfried Seethaler and Dominique Cardito, in order to offer the local professional dance scene an independent regular training possibility in Basel.

In 2008 the Profitraining became a project from the Tanzbüro Basel (IG Tanz). This way, Dominique and Wilfried stayed in charge of the organization, while having the support of a professional, experienced and establishd managing team. Thanks to the generous financial support from the Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung, the Profitraining Basel can organize a regular dance training and invite (inter)national reknown teachers, while offering good financial conditions, for the participants as well as for the teachers. The steadily raising number of participants shows that the Profitraining Basel fulfills the scene‘s need.

Initially, the profitraining took place once a week with a contemporary class every Tuesday morning. From April 2010 on, an additional contemporary class started on Mondays. Simultaneously, a cooperation with the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble could be established. Together with the company trainings from Thursday untill Saturday in Chronos, the Profitraining therefore now offers 5 classes a week, of which 3 contemporary and 2 ballet classes.

2015 the cooperation with the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble finished, due to the closing of the dance company. The Profitraining continues his 5 classes weekly, in the same studios and to the same conditions.

In 2019 a six class was added: a ballet class on Sunday morning.

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